In order to assure the reliability of origin of the fruit produced by our Group Members and bearing in mind consumers’ health as well as the environmental issues, we have decided to implement the following systems:


It is an independent and voluntary system of ensuring safety of food products for agricultural primary production. One of the main goals of the standard for agricultural products is reducing to the absolute minimum the use of fertilisers and crop protection chemicals so as to guarantee the food safety on the market, minimise detrimental impact of farming operations on the environment as well as ensure the long-term use of agricultural land. 

- IP

IP stands for Integrated Production which is a modern and ever-developing cultivation system responding to consumers’ needs meaning not only the attractive look of fruit and vegetables, but also products of high quality. Thanks to the implementation of the system the crops are of the highest biological and nutritious quality and therefore are healthy for the consumers. The basis for the IP system consists of adequately selected elements, such as: appropriate crop rotation and agricultural engineering, reasonable fertilising based on real needs of the plants as well as the use of crop protection chemicals only in justified cases. The crop protection chemicals used are the ones which have minimal effect on human and animals’ health or on the environment. 


HCCP stands for Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points. It is a tool in food safety management as well as a universal method of systematic assessment of hazard risk and designing preventive measurements during the food production process. HCCP is a systemic procedure aiming at ensuring the health safety of food through identification and estimation of the hazard scale taking into consideration food health  quality and the risk of hazard arising at all stages of food production and distribution. It is a system which sets forth preventive methods together with remedial measures. The HCCP System is required at all stages of food chain excluding primary production.

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  • 4 We want to be even better and more trustworthy in what we do and what we offer
    and that is why we implement GLOBALGAP and HCCP Systems in the horticultural farms of our Members.